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Re: [APD] NO3 limits in planted tanks

>This does raise a couple of questions, at the least.  One is, does this 
>reduce the necessity for weekly 50% water changes?  I would expect that 
>it would mean that we can be at least a bit more relaxed about that.

Yes, if you desire and things look good in the tank.
I go once every two weeks or 3 weeks often. 
But if I want a tank to look nicer, I do more weekly changes and if there's a problem.
Simply looking at the tank allows you to tell when it's time to do a water change(A lull in plant health/growth/pearling etc)
There never was a necessity to do weekly 50% water changes, you can do 80 weekly or 30% weekly, if you have an issue, then more is better(frequency and volume). That re sets the tank is all.
>And, the second is,  how does this affect the goals we aim for in 
>fertilizing?  Still 10-20 ppm NO3 and 1 -2 ppm PO4?  I would expect 
>that one would do better to try for the top end of those ranges or even 
>a bit higher?  Or, perhaps just forget the limits and let the plants 
>decide when you have enough, once  you are above the bottom limit?

Most would opt for the latter.
But if you want a 10-20ppm range, EI with 50% weekly and 10ppm dosed per week should hit it well.
I'm not suggesting anyone change.................I'm just sating the upper limit is very high for GH, TE and Macro nutrients as well as CO2 and light .

>Have you any plans to research light needs further?  Like developing a 
>formula for watts per square meter per meter depth of water?  
>(watts/meter cubed)

Yes, but it'll be a while tillIi do and set up a system for testing it.

Tom Barr
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