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Re: [APD] NO3 limits in planted tanks

>Are you claiming that nigh NO3 and PO4 levels under all
>conditions do not induce algae growth? Or are the
>circumstances limited in which they do not?



In and of themselves, high levels of both inorganic bioavilable NO3 and PO4 do not cause/induce or otherwise encourage algae in planted tanks.

This is true for low CO2 adapted plants in non CO2/carbon enriched systems as well.
They may encourage algae if another parameter/s is/are limiting, but then it's no longer an independent single variable test.

Most of the problem exist due to intense light, low limiting nutrients for the plants, the algae are virtually never limited in the aquarium.

Plants are commonly limited by one or more nutrients/parameters on the other hand.

This extends out the range of NO3 to apply only to animal life, not algae/plants.
Much like that of CO2..........................
Or PO4............
Or Traces...............

"Okay Tom, why and what good is all that information and jargon???!!"

Well, it means we can dose liberally without any algae (a common observation using EI dosing) and not worry nor fret over a precise ppm range of nutrients or monkeying with test kits.

Something folks often discuss here, the forums, and various other boards.

This is true for very high levels according to these test, so high in fact, that critters are more at risk than algae.
So this makes the error of new folks and the error for the rest us "gianormous".

A huge target to hit.
This also means we can avoid more water changes with higher build up if so desired.
Or less volume of water changes.

I still stick with 50% as it works well to reset things and folk's routines, but it is by no means required by EI dosing.

A typical dosing routine with 10ppm NO3 added a week will max out at 20ppm with weekly 50% water changes and a min of 10ppm.

So a 10-20ppm range is produced with that routine(over 0-100% plant uptake of that week's 10ppm added).
Now if you want to avoid water changes longer, say only changing once every X weeks then you will have a larger error and wider range, say 10-50ppm.

Tom Barr

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