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Re: [APD] NO3 limits in planted tanks

Hi Tom,
Thanks for all of the great information.
>>>or that excess nutrients induces algae(other than NH4/unstable  CO2) that 
these issues are simply not true.<<<
>>>I'm just sating the upper limit is very high for GH, TE and  Macro 
nutrients as well as CO2 and light.<<<
I have a small amount of algae in my 120g tank (some black spots on a few  
leaves). I've been using your EI for months now and I am sure that the nutrients 
 haven't been low. Since I still have a little alage in my tank after using 
the  EI correctly, I guess that would mean that my tank is overstocked causing 
to  much NH4, is this correct?
Also I thought that you stated in a previous thread that if there was to  
much NH4, that daily water changes would prevent algae from forming, is this  
Last question - OK since I have a little algae now, would I have more or  
less with higher watts per gallon? More light would mean more growth and maybe  
use up the excess NH4 causing the algae not to form? or since I already have 
the  algae would the extra light just cause more?

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