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Re: [APD] Snails

You can soak in Lime-it (hydrated lime):


And maybe here:


And let's not forget George Booth's quick snail summary


which mentions potassium permangenate and also alum, and
even gives mixing ratios and soaking times.

Re potassium permangenate, it helps to wear purple clothes
-- see why, and some cautions about its effect on some
plants by looking here:


Hydrated Lime (kalkwasser) is probably the safest way to

Scott H.
--- The Dragon Hunter <dragon_hunter at dragons-realm.net>
> I thought I'd ask.  Getting ready to plant another tank
> and was wondering if
> yall had any suggestions to avoid an accidental
> infestation of snails when
> my plants arrive?  IS there anything I can do to make
> sure that there are no
> viable snail eggs hitching a ride on the plants?
> I know a lot of people like them, but I personally don't
> care for them.
> Almost have a black mystery snail outbreak under control
> in a 20 gallon tank
> and dread having to deal with a similar outbreak in my 60
> gallon hex.
> Thanks in advance!
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