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[APD] Online Shopping in Canada

Mr. Purchase,

So don't go crying that we can't get "deals" north of the border. You just
have to know how to shop.

I'm not sure why you feel it necessary to be so rude when my ongoing search has, as of yet, not turned up many of the places you have named. Certainly I wasn't crying about Canadian retailers, so much as mentioning that I was having a hard time finding them. Perhaps the next time I was to do search I would find these retailers. I apologise if this offends you, and rest assured my intention is not to deceive you. I truly have been looking online for light bulbs for a while, and from Canadian sellers I have found plenty. The problem is that very few of them sell 13 watt twin tube 2 pin compact fluorescents, at least that they have in stock or bother listing. I don't need the ballasts, housings, reflectors, etc. I just need the bulbs.

Secondly, I do know very well how to shop, and I do not shop at Big Al's. When it comes to buying within my own country, I do so whenever possible. In fact, it is within my own community that I have first tried to find sellers. I would much rather invest my money here, than the self-proclaimed centre of the country known as Toronto (geography notwithstanding). Sadly, there is only one shop locally which sells such bulbs, and from them I will buy, as I have mentioned. This you have, sadly, failed to notice from my previous post.

As far "duty" is concerned...

Tomato, Tomahto, potato, potahto...either way I get jacked for cash. I'll be sure to consult the free trade lexicon in the future.

In the meantime, I appreciate the store list.


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