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Re: [APD] Was "Re: lighting temperature question" - but its now Online Shopping in Canada

Is it weird or what that Bigallsonline is one of the
lower-priced online stores for USA customers but,
apparently,  one of the higher priced stores in Canada?

It's a Canadian company, is it not? I wonder what the deal
it there with that? Perhaps Al is saving up to buy a hocky
team?????? ;-)

--- James Purchase <jppurchase at sympatico_ca> wrote:
> . . . And stay away from Big Al's
> Online - he's ripping 
> off his Canadian customers with overinflated prices. (for
> example, Big Al 
> wants $ 169.99 for an Eheim 2213 Plus Kit, $ 219.99 for
> the Eheim 2215 Plus 
> and $289.99 for the Eheim 2217 Plus Kit. Pets & Ponds
> sells the same 
> canister filters (in the same "kit form") for $109.99 for
> the Eheim 2213, 
> $159.99 for the Eheim 2215 and $204.99 for the Eheim
> 2217). And remember 
> that if your order with Pets & Ponds is over $200.00 in
> total, shipping is 
> As far "duty" is concerned, there isn't any Import Duty
> levied on products 
> imported from the US any more (remember "Free Trade"???).
> You will be hit 
> with a Brokerage Fee on most things crossing the border -
> that is levied by 
> the brokerage house that does the paperwork for the
> Canadian Government to 
> get your order through Customs, but it isn't "Duty".

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