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RE: [APD] RE: why algae will not grow

> Having made a similar mistake with a larger tank I can tell 
> you that yes, that is a lot of light -- almost 3 WPG in a 
> tank that is how tall?. You need to get some CO2 or Excel in 
> there, and you probably don't want to clean the glass under 
> the light very frequently.

Well, my opinion is different.  To me, anything in the 2-3 wpg is only
moderate light.  You can get away without compressed gas.  Excel would
still be an option and depending on the plants, you could use
bicarbonate.  I have had tanks of val and some swords with over 4 wpg
using only bicarbonate.  The vals especially went nuts, they pearled
like mad, but then they are well suited to stripping carbon from
bicarbonate.  I currently have a 55 with 320 watts over it.  Now that's
getting into a lot of light!

-Nick Wise

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