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Re: [APD] RE: why algae will not grow

> The Biowheel section should be removed from the
> filter 

Thre's no particular benefit to removing it unless you're
adding CO2, in which case it will shed a lot of CO2.
Otherwise, it's a perfectly decent way to maintain a
bioculture and to avoid surface film.

Biocultures are not a big issue with planted aquaria since
there's a lot of bioculture in the aquarium and the plants
are terrific chemical filters for nitrogenous compounds. So
there's no particular benefit to having a special biomedia
device, unless you're concerned about a build up of excess
nitrites but it won't do any particular harm (unless you're
adding CO2 -- in which case it will increase your CO2
consumption much the way that a trickle filter will).

Adding CO2 is always a good idea but you need to keep up
with the other nutirnets.

Without the biowheel and without adding CO2, there might be
a slight build up of CO2 from fish respiration and with a
biowheel that will drop down to the level one would have
with normal water-air exposure. But the amounts are so
small, it's the least of things to be concerned about.

Scott H.

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