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[APD] Re: jumping fish

Ricky Cain wrote:
trauma too if don't name them and don't pay a lot of attention to them.
Focus on the plants and the fish will be fine. Like its been said before,
they're just decorations.


another idea. the majority of fish jump while running the course of the
tank sides. they get to the water surface and keep on going. If you keep
a plexi "rim" say about 2-3inches wide, it should prevent the majority
of jumps.  having wood and stone that run along the side of the glass,
heavy planting there something to slow down the fast pacers, they'll not
get to the point where they feel they can break the bounds of gravity.

then take care to choose fish that are not prone to jumping,
(hatchetfish, dojos and other who are notorious). the majority of my
loaches first test the bounds of their new homes, and once they figure
out where their limits are, stop trying.

It can be done


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