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[APD] Re: Toronto LFS and jumping fish

> Here's a question:  How does Diana Walstad deal with jumping
> fish if she lets the plants grow out of the water?  Obviously
> there is no canopy, so does she just look around very
> carefully every time she's around her tanks?
> B.

What is more important to you, your plants or your fish? If its fish open
tops are out for the most part. If it's your plants and your layout then buy
the cheapest attractive fish you can find for your particular layout. Buy a
lot of then, as many as you can fit into your tank without an overload. That
way you don't miss 'em until you find them months later. It will lessen the
trauma too if don't name them and don't pay a lot of attention to them.
Focus on the plants and the fish will be fine. Like its been said before,
they're just decorations.

Ricky Cain - Professional Bait Hater


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