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RE: [APD] Sunlight in a tube - Solar Power


Total system ~$31,000
Rebate ~$4 per watt (3.665KW system) is about $14600
State tax credit 15% on $16k is about $2400

So...realized price was about $13500 but $16000 out of
pocket.  This does not include a battery back up
system.  I am tied directly to the power grid, so if
power goes out...so do I.  For those who know, the
inverters sync with the electric grid frequency and
feed electricity back into the grid when I'm
producing.  When I'm no longer making anything, I take
it back out of the grid.

I had to under engineer the rating because the local
utility (SDG&E) doesn't buy back excess juice.  So the
norm is to aim for 80-90% so there is just enough
electric bill to not get charged a meter reading fee.

--- Laith Arif <laith at swissonline_ch> wrote:
> Very nice...
> The savings are more than I had imagined.  How much
> did the whole thing
> cost?
> Laith
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