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[APD] Re: Sunlight in a tube - Solar Power

"Our electric bill went from over $100 a month to about $230 for the first year."

So, rounded, a savings of about $1000 a year?

"So...realized price was about $13500 but $16000 out of pocket."

$16,000 invested at a mediocre return of 10% is $1600 a year.

Not bad, it's getting closer to break-even. Plus you get to run the hot tub and AC, so there's that.

We installed photovoltaic on our new convention center addition and the return rate was negative, but -somebody- has to get it started was the justification. Hate to say it though, but our (Austin, TX) cheapest electricity is nuclear, and we tried like hell to sell our share of that facility. We -really- need to get going on the fusion thang...


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