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Re: [APD] Alligator Gar

I have caught alligator gars in fresh and brackish water right along
with long nose, short nose and spotted gar.  The Mississippi record is
something like a 10' gar caught on a river in the Delta.  The 4' gars
of my childhood were caught in brackish water near the mouth of a
river that emptied into the Gulf.  Never saw one out in what I would
have called true "saltwater".  The looked like an alligator with fins
-- the first one I caughted scared the bejeezus out of me because I
thought it was a real alligator.

I'm thinking that there is something being sold as an "alligator gar"
in fish stores that is likely a "short nose" or "long nose" gar. 
Pesky common names!  Even those gars should reach around 2 or 3 feet
in length.

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