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[APD] Re: Local Riccia

auntie_fran at netzero.net wrote:
Oh, one more thing: I'm from St. Louis, MO and transplanted to just north of Seattle, WA.
There are plants that are treated as annuals in the midwest that thrive here,
so I wouldn't necessarily use a WA list to determine what is invasive nationwide.
Just my beginner's HO.

I never meant to imply that by being from most places around the world that it was "invasive", just that according to what I've read that IT WAS/IS FROM MOST PLACES AROUND THE WORLD. Let me elaborate.

If you look at almost any listing of riccia on the net, Tropica for example (http://www.tropica.dk/productcard_1.asp?id=001) you'll notice it lists it's region as "cosmopolitian" which it defines by saying "the plant can be found throughout most of the world. From the tropics to polar areas."

And while I'm at it...  here's another more informative source I found...

In the first few paragraphs the author states that "this plant can be found almost worldwide in the wild" and a little more relevant to our conversation "The temperature can vary between 15 degrees C to 30 degrees C".

Which may give credence to the theory that it was introduced.
But how does the plant reproduce? just by growing?
Or does it have spores or something?
I haven't yet found anything much beyond on how to attach it to a rock on the net.

Oh, but here's an interesting article on some species found in Turkey.

Ahhh.. apparently as stated in above article, at least some species if not all riccia have spores. Could this not explain how they could survive a harsh canadian winter?

Ah, this is interesting...
this article:
seems to be telling of a couple riccia species being found in Siberia.

Here's a link to an article of species local to Oregon:

Ah, the holy grail! A vegetation survey of the "BLACKFOOT PROVINCIAL RECREATION AREA UPLANDS" (yes it lists Riccia Fluitans on page 45):

-derek parr
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