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[APD] RE: Weeds

> From: "Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>
> Subject: [APD] Day of the Triffids
> To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

> If I can go buy a plant at any local petshop then there's way more of a 
> problem than I can cause alone.
> TW

This is why the plants are banned, to prevent shops and vendors from
selling and importing them into the USA to many people.
One shop selling Hydrilla to a number of folks will cause far more issue
than one hobbyist growing it in their tank and dumping the water and
trimmings in their compost pile. 

Most state and Federal laws and agenecies are after stopping weeds at shops
and importors. That's the first line of defense. If it gets out into
natural systems and becomes a pest, then they send out control and
eradication efforts. If it's in your home tank, it's not much of a threat.
If you give some to a pond owner or Uncle Bob somewhere else in the
country, then it could become an issue, although still somewhat remote. I
never feel that Planted aqwuarist are much of a vector unless it's with
things like Caulpera, which they most certainly ARE vectors, but ballast
water from shipping is far worse in marine systems.  

Most APD folks are keenly aware of weed issues. It's the casual pond
keeper/Goldfish hobbyist often times that are the vectors in most cases.
Many of them have no clue about it and toss it in a nearby lake/river for
grow out or to feed their koi etc.

Banning a plant from the USA completely is good since it prevents selling
the weed at a local state to state level and prevents state to state
That makes vendor's job and monitoring much easier rather than tracking
each state's up to date laws. Some states have laws for specific plants and
take into account location with some weeds. So it's a mix of broad national
bans and some location based bans.

These agencies are not going to ban things like Tonia or the new eclectic
stem plant of the month, they will go after very weedy plants that have a
high potential and past history of becoming weeds in many locations in the

Tom Barr

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