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Re: [APD] BGA advice

At 10:22 PM 3/1/2005 -0000, you wrote:
>>"Do you have lots of iron in your tapwater?
>>Got that orange bathtub near the plughole thing happening?"
>No, Richard.  Very little iron in the tap but it gets added via Flourish
>and one Dennerle iron tablet once a week.  Don't know what the Fe
>measurement is, no kit.  Plants doing fine, modest growth (that's what I
>want) no leaf signs of deficiency etc

Huh. I read someplace, either in the Dupla magazine or thekrib
that it's cause by "high iron" which goes a long way to explain
why it's such a problem for me. Every other algae I just laugh at
change the water a lot and it goes away but I found this stuff
utterly unkillable and had to resort to drastic (h202) mesures
to eradicate it in situ and quarentine all incoming plants.

One lousy cel and within a month I have pounds of the stuff no
matter what I do. But, I think it's gone now, it's not in any og
my big tanks but may exist in a jar or two around here someplace.


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