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[APD] Re: BGA lazy

> At 11:02 AM 3/1/2005 -0800, you wrote:
> >Why doesn't ANYONE ever discuss why you have BGA and what keeps it 
> >away?
>It's fast food aquatics.  I want the answer and I want it now.  Oh, and
>if I have to work for it, forget it.

I'm not that cynical towards folks. Generally if they ask, they are trying. The lazy often fess up to it:-)
If you don't, you are lying:) We all neglect and get lazy, if you have not yet, just wait a year or so.
Some folks don't mind spending $ on equipment, some cannot afford Canned CO2, some like testing, some like simple, some just want to problem to go away and don't care about the rest, all these different goals and notions are what causes many of the different approaches and advice on the net to develop and ultimately often confuses many folks.

I have a rather simple approach, focus on the plants.

I stick to that. So do most skilled aquatic plant folks that have been around for a number of years. All approaches that are successful address that.

What each's trade off is, is more a personal preference. Some like a non CO2, some light high tech CO2, some like a water change and clean tank, some like to see how long they can go without a water change+ use CO2, some just want things to grow, some hate testing, some like certain brands.

If someone comes to you and says I'm going to use Antibiotics and want to take care of BGA from ever coming back, then I tell them use it and add KNO3.

If all they ask is how to get rid of it, then folks often only approach things from a short term method.
Teach them to hunt(grow the plants), stop giving them food(quick fix that does not address the root cause, like all algicides and snake oils........) and they do fine, some win contest and make wonderful designs. 

Tom Barr


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