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RE: [APD] BGA advice

I would suggest stopping the Dennerle "Iron tablet" (I assume you're talking
about the Dennerle E15 fert?).

I was using Dennerle ferts for a while and then switched to dosing
individual ferts.  The Dennerle fert system revolves around a certain
average tank setup, especially vis-à-vis lighting (notice how in their book
they do not give any recommendations for light wattage on a tank?).

When I ran into deficiency issues I contacted Dennerle to ask them which
fert to use to try to add more of X nutrient... Never got a response, I
assume because their system is not set up to be used that way.

Within a week of that I had an order in with Greg Watson.  *Much* prefer
being able to control exactly what I'm dosing and add more or less of a
specific nutrient if I see any deficiency or toxicity!


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?Do you have lots of iron in your tapwater?
Got that orange bathtub near the plughole thing happening??
No, Richard.  Very little iron in the tap but it gets added via Flourish
and one Dennerle iron tablet once a week.  Don?t know what the Fe
measurement is, no kit.  Plants doing fine, modest growth (that?s what I
want) no leaf signs of deficiency etc

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