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RE: [APD] Re: BGA advice

Subject: [APD] Re: BGA advice

Why doesn't ANYONE ever discuss why you have BGA and what keeps it away?
I guess I am the only one?

KNO3 KNO3, KNO3 and KNO3.

_Tom you have helped me out a lot and my plants are doing reasonably well. I
keep my CO2 levels up around 30ppm. I dose 1/2 tsp of KN03 x 3 weekly. I'm
doing 15 mls of Flourish 3 x week, I add potassium sulfate after water
changes. I do 50% weekly water changes and I still get green algae on the
glass, not the spot algae but the stuff that is easy to remove. I try dosing
more, I try dosing less, it is still there. I do think I need to up my KN03
to perhaps 3/4 tsp 3 x week as I tested with a Seachems kit yesterday and my
levels appear to be just barely 5 ppm. Wish I could get rid of the stuff but
it always seems to haunt me no matter what I do.


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