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[APD] BGA advice

Firstly thanks for your time and help.
You say
“KNO3 KNO3, KNO3 and KNO3”
Is this assuming the water is Potassium and Nitrate poor?  If not, mines
about 45mgl out of the tap, then adding KNO3 is unnecessary?
“Green spot algae suggest high PO4 levels etc...........”
Again my tap PO4 is about 2.5mgl and I have some green spot but nothing
to worry about.  Are there any particular species that suck up more PO4
than others?  Or any other idea for reducing PO4 (not rainwater please)

“BBA=> CO2”  I keep my co2 at about 25+ mgl but have staghorn algae.  I
keep picking but it keeps coming back.  Any connection with high PO4 /
Regards Martin

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