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[APD] Re: BGA advice

Why doesn't ANYONE ever discuss why you have BGA and what keeps it away?
I guess I am the only one?

KNO3 KNO3, KNO3 and KNO3.

You can easily kill BGA with antibiotics or a Blackout. One's free, one is not. 
Both take the same time to work. BGA is not laborious to remove either using blackout and neither are the antibiotics.

It's easy to keep away forever if you do regular mainteance and add KNO3.
This also applies to NON CO2 methods.

I recently did this 2x on separate non CO2 tanks.

Killing and removing algae is simple, prevention of it coming back is far more useful.........and less laborious
Algae killing is a hobby for some I suppose, most want to grow the plants.
Focus on the plants. Antibiotics are NOT plant nutrients. 

Just start mentioning KNO3 when you suggest treatments.
Green spot algae suggest high PO4 levels etc...........
BBA=> CO2 

You'll note each algae is related to an environmental issue that is related to plant health.
So algae are indicator "plants" as well.

Tom Barr

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