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[APD] Re: Re: Dust algae with skunky smell

Hehe, I guess the smell nails it down then to what it is, thanks people.

Man those LaMotte kits are expensive, think I'll save that to a last resort. Pity because I love toys/tools like that :P

<If you leave it running, I'll bet you notice no diff in
<your plants as far as iron is concerned. And at worst, if
<it did slightly depress their iron levels, then just up the
<traces a litle bit. But I'll bet you wouldn't have to. The
<iron doesn't leave the tank unless you remove plant
<cuttings. This doesn't mean you should/must leave the UV on
<24/7 -- I'm just betting it won't cause iron probs in your
<plants. Iron kits, when measuring the trace levels in our
<aquariua, are not much use at all. More learned gardeners
<than I (as well as some chemists) seem to agree on this

I didn't actually use a kit for iron testing, just going by the plant effect. Along with the messed up cabomba leaves in general went pale/whitish with the UV going for longer periods of time. I thought the UV effect the chelated iron (making it non) or is that another myth. Chemicially it makes sence as anything high energy helps breaks things down. Didn't want to end up with lots of non-chelated iron in the mix because of the UV going.

<Maybe try boosting the potassium or try dosing the
<potassium all once, once a week -- if things seem to
<improve then poop out towards the end of the week, then
<that's a sign maybe more K is needed.

<Excess potassium isn't much of a problem unless it's way up
<there, so boosting it isn't much of a risk.

Might try boosting potassium, I do weekly %50 water changes and refertilizing so I shouldn't get any buildup (why I do the big water change).

Thanks everyone for the help.

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