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Re: [APD] Re: Re: Dust algae with skunky smell

--- Pete <peteal at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> Hehe, I guess the smell nails it down then to what it is,
> thanks people.
> Man those LaMotte kits are expensive, think I'll save
> that to a last resort. 
> Pity because I love toys/tools like that :P

Then you might consider the SeChem nitrate and phosphate
test kits. More expensive than others but much cheaper than
the LaMotte. Not as precise as the LaMotte but still pretty
darn good.

> I didn't actually use a kit for iron testing, just going
> by the plant 
> effect.  Along with the messed up cabomba leaves in
> general went 
> pale/whitish with the UV going for longer periods of
> time.  I thought the UV 
> effect the chelated iron (making it non) or is that
> another myth. 

It can break down the chelator which lets the iron oxidize.
But the plants can still use the iron.

Scott H.

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