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Re: [APD] is this an amano style bulb?

If you find your curent bulbs too yellowish for your
tastes, you'll probably appreciate stepping up in color
temp. However, bulbs with the same overall rating can have
somewhat diff color appearance. It depends on the level of
all the freqs that make up the spectrum of each bulb.

Higher color temps usually involve some sharp peaks at the
blue end of the spectrum but they can also involve some
relative depressions in the lower frequencies. That's why
it's good to go with a bulb you know or have seen or at
least with a vendor you whose comments you trust.

I've had some 10,000K bulbs that weren't as white and
nonyellowish as some lower rated bulbs. But those 10000K
bulbs were some cheaper bulbs I got a hold of just to try.
If they don't work out onthe aquaria, they're still plenty
good enough for the woodshop ;-)

I like the 10,000K bulbs from AHS.

Scott H.

--- "Byron J. Yu" <sixty9 at gmail_com> wrote:

> Hi, 
> I've read Amano's bulb are at 8000K which results in a
> more pleasing
> appearance.
> Currently i use 6700K power compact bulbs. I was
> wondering if these bulbs: 
> are amano style. 
> They are 8000K, but they say pink. 
> Does anyone know if they would have a similar appearance
> to amano
> bulbs? or even if they would be an improvement to 6700l
> bulbs? i find
> mine to yellowish.

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