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[APD] competition

How do algae and plants compete? Do they have little boxing gloves?

For that matter, how do bacteria compete?

Do they soak up all the mineralized nutrients to create a shortage that
suppresses the growth of the competition?

Do they compete solely by allelopathy? I find this difficult to believe.

Tom, you are espousing very frequent water changes; this would dissipate
allelopathic competition mechanisms. There seems to be scant evidence to
support allelopathic competition in aquatic plants.

Let's skip the anthropomorphic explanations and talk biological
mechanisms dag-nab-it! Let's get down to microscopic, cellular level and
lower. I want to learn something here!

What is the role of the algae & bacteria consumers? I think this may be
the key.

Allelopathy: "An interference interaction in which a plant releases into
the environment a compound that inhibits or stimulates the growth or
development of other plants."

Is it possible that macrophytes are stimulating growth of other
organisms, in particular algae consumers?

If you had no macrophytes in a tank and you provided mineralized
nutrients ala Tom B's protocol, would you still see progressive
development of a community of organisms that did not favour filament

Steve agitating in Vancouver ;-)

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