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[APD] Distored leaves (picture!)


My Nesea sp red looks like this:

The tank is 310 litres with 0.7 watts/litre without reflectors.
Aged gravel substrate since several years.

50-100% wc every week. CO2 from tube inserted in the
canister filter intake. Apx 2-3 bubbles/sec that get's
totally dissolved. Adjusted so that the plants pearl
within a couple of hours and fishes seems ok.

I just recently (just a couple of days ago) have bought
CaCl2 so I've raised my GH from 3.5 to 8 with it. To
early to say anything about that.

Nutrient dosage every other day:

0.4 tsp KNO3 (low because I want reds)
2.75 ppm worth of PO4 (high because I like it, 2 tsp KH2PO4 in 200 mls of
water, 25 ml dose)
0.1-0.2 ppm with CSM+B equivalent ("NutriSI" almost identical to CSM+B)
0.2 tsp MgSO4
0.2 tsp K2SO4

(I often dose macros and mikros alternating every other day).

So what's up with my Nesea? Any suggestions?

// Daniel.
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