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[APD] Re: Natural light - SkyLight

On Monday 30 August 2004 10:07, aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

> Thanks, I'm actualy in Johanessburg, South Africa.

That does change things.  I doubt you will have much trouble getting useful 
light in Johanessburg.  It is probably reasonable to make sure you have a way 
of controlling the brightness of the light.  I cut a large panel that I could 
lay over the tank when I wanted to block out sunlight.  Blinds on the 
skylights would work, too.

> How much eveporation do you have from your tank per day ?

Per day, not much.  It comes out to about 1.5 cm/week.  That varies with a lot 
of factors, including the water temperature and the air humidity.  I keep my 
tanks fairly cool and during the summer we use evaporative cooling, so the 
indoor humidity is high.  It's much drier in the winter and the evaporation 
rates go up a little.

Roger Miller
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