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[APD] Re: filter vs pump

"Now I'm wondering why I couldn't replace the
cannister with a simple pump or
powerhead.  The Fluval is rated at 260 g.p.h., and I
find pumps that provide
more flow than that at a quarter the price of a new

I could just use a pump in my tank, but I really
appreciate the mechanical filtration my Eheim
provides.  It helps keep my Myriophyllum clean.  It's
true that biological filtration isn't important in
situations like ours, but it's not like the filter
floss and so on is going to _hurt_ anything.  

Before the Eheim, I only had two small Duetto internal
filters that didn't provide much more than circulation
(until they clogged).  The detritus was a real problem
despite a relatively low fish load and regular water


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