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[APD] RE:filter or pump

> Now I'm wondering why I couldn't replace the cannister with a simple pump
> powerhead.  The Fluval is rated at 260 g.p.h., and I find pumps that
> more flow than that at a quarter the price of a new Fluval.
> Would this be a practical or advisable solution?  If so, would someone
> please recommend a reliable and *quiet* pump.  Thanks in advance.
> John T. Fitch
> www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html

I would use a sponge pad in the there or ceramic media etc. That's all I
add to a canister typically. 
Better to have a backup with some bacteria rather than algae.
I think the main thing is just cleaning the thing when it gets clogged. 

This is a maintenance issue, not a plant issue. The decrease in flow will
greatly effect the health of many plant tanks and cause algae/detritus and
other issues.
Folks worry a lot about their filters robbing their plants of NH4 etc, I
think the issue is one of consistent flow and removing the build up organic
Easy solution: clean your filter regularly or add a powerhead so that it
does not clog. One has a bacterial back up and removes stuff from the water
Powerheads with spray bars are good along the bottom back wall blowing out
along the slope of the gravel.    

Tom Barr   

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