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[APD] Re: filter vs pump

Both Scott H. and Cavan have indicated that, although I might be able to get
away without a filter and just use a pump, it's probably not a very good
idea.  And both mention the Eheim as their first choice to replace the
present Fluval 304, if and when it gives up the ghost.  Assuming I go along
with their advice, my next question would be: Which model Eheim should I

I have a 30 gallon tank, sitting about 3 feet above the filter.  The pump
must also push the water through a Lifegard heater module and an M3 CO2
mixing jar, both of which I assume provide flow resistance.  In the case of
the mixing jar, I have already enlarged the holes along the input tube,
because my impression is that the original small holes not only
significantly impeded water flow, but also tended to clog up rather quickly.

So, would you recommend the Eheim 2026 or should I upgrade to the 2028?
Thanks in advance.

John T. Fitch

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