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[APD] RE:CO2 and NO3 effects obver the short term

Thomas Barr wrote:
> > > http://www.plantphys.net/article.php?ch=e&id=158
> This NO3=NH4 dynamic is in line with the notion of NH4
> limitation/competition with macrophytes and algae is perhaps
> a larger role
> than previously considered or investigated.

Tom, can you clarify what you mean above?

For algae prevention or reduction, are you and Roger saying that dense
planting of a tank is not required?

Karen & others have always recommended dense planting of a newly set up
aquarium with plenty of fast growing plants. It seems to me that if the
plants are not competing for nutrients with the algae, this would be
unimportant. Instead, it seems to me as if you guys are suggesting that
a better protocol would be to maintain the appropriate ratios of mineral
nutrients in new tanks by regular water changes & doses and that the
number or type of plants in the tank are relatively unimportant.

It also suggests to me that not having fish helps to avoid certain types
of algae because it greatly reduces the amount of dissolved organic
phosphates (DOP) in the water.

>From my own experiences, I have to believe that the types of plants &
the amount of fast growing plants do have an effect upon the growth &
succession of algae in an aquarium over time. For example, a tank
planted almost exclusively with Anubias & Crypts seems to get BGA or a
slimy type of Spirogyra even when I have no fish in the tank. I'll
describe this tank again later in a follow up. It's had an interesting
progression of algae.


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