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[APD] RE:CO2 and NO3 effects obver the short term

> > Here's something that might bother you also about high CO2 and NO3 
> > http://www.plantphys.net/article.php?ch=e&id=158 
> Isn't that pretty scary? No NO3-assimilation with elevated CO2-levels
> despite higher light-levels?
> // Daniel.

But this is not with aquatic plants. It's hard to get around that issue
without speculating.
Some work done on Ludwigia here at UF by Steve Lydle might be helpful.

The other issue is that is much more interesting here is that this __short
term__ increases in CO2.

So consider this, a DIY/Canned CO2 user adds lots of CO2, then stops.
Or a situation where the CO2 level is all over the place and varies a great
deal. How does this influence NH4 uptake?

I found at high light, when I stopped the CO2 or reved it up, I'd get GW. 
CO2 variation often causes algae outbreaks.

This NO3=NH4 dynamic is in line with the notion of NH4
limitation/competition with macrophytes and algae is perhaps a larger role
than previously considered or investigated. 

It explains some of the observations with CO2 and algae(which are better
able to respond to the CO2 differences) in relation to NH4 and NO3.
How algae respond to elevated CO2 is likely similar though. They like the
CO2 also.

Tom Barr


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