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Re: [APD] RE: Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants - growing non-aquatic plants submerged

Has someone been confused by the uses of the terms?

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> Stephen Mifsud brought out an excellent point; from the
> botanical point
> of view, aquatic plants or semi-aquatic plants are those
> which live in a
> marsh environment, typically only partly submerged, but
> which are able
> to compete with other plants & are therefore viable
> competitors. In the
> aquarium, we can provide an artificial environment, free
> of competitors
> where plants can grow that would not be viable in nature.
> The reason I found this thread interesting, is not that I
> think we need
> to be more restrictive or inclusive using the term,
> aquatic plant. When
> you talk about aquatic plants, necessarily you would be
> talking in
> generalities and if you wanted to make a distinction, you
> could choose
> words that more precisely identified the class of plants.
> I find the thread interesting because I'd like to
> advocate the practice
> of trying different plants out; to highlight the
> acclimatization
> process; to hear from others about unusual plants they've
> grown under
> water; to learn about the biological characteristics of
> submerged plants
> that would help me to understand how to better culture
> them; to help
> discuss & educate others on the best tactics for certain
> plants.
> I sure enjoy the APD when we have a good technical
> discussion!
> Steve P
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