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[APD] RE: Aquatic vs Aquarium Plants - growing non-aquatic plants submerged

Stephen Mifsud brought out an excellent point; from the botanical point
of view, aquatic plants or semi-aquatic plants are those which live in a
marsh environment, typically only partly submerged, but which are able
to compete with other plants & are therefore viable competitors. In the
aquarium, we can provide an artificial environment, free of competitors
where plants can grow that would not be viable in nature.

The reason I found this thread interesting, is not that I think we need
to be more restrictive or inclusive using the term, aquatic plant. When
you talk about aquatic plants, necessarily you would be talking in
generalities and if you wanted to make a distinction, you could choose
words that more precisely identified the class of plants.

I find the thread interesting because I'd like to advocate the practice
of trying different plants out; to highlight the acclimatization
process; to hear from others about unusual plants they've grown under
water; to learn about the biological characteristics of submerged plants
that would help me to understand how to better culture them; to help
discuss & educate others on the best tactics for certain plants.

I sure enjoy the APD when we have a good technical discussion!

Steve P

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