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[APD] Re:Re: hydra

>>Note that the author of that article considers hydra a sign of good water
quality, not the opposite.<<

Actually Robert, Adrian's one little reference to this is as follows:

*Finding a few hydras in your regular aquarium doesn't mean that the
aquarium is unhealthy. Actually, it means you have a normal healthy
aquarium, since hydra will not live in water of poor quality. A
well-maintained aquarium will not provide enough food for a large number of
hydras so keep the tank clean and you will probably never know that they are
there. *

Notice he says a "few" is normal.  "Hydra can not live in water of poor
quality"   I think he means the opposite. By poor quality he means clean
water which doesn't have enough food for them to thrive.  "A well maintained
aquarium will not provide enough food".
I researched hydra and planaria last year and found numerous references that
hydra feed on decaying organics and the parasites that are found in decaying
organics.  If they explode into a infestation, it is due to poor conditions
which give them enough food to multiply. They thrive in breeder tanks
because of the over feeding of daphnia or whatever.

Robert Hudson

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