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[APD] top cover for Eheim 2028 Pro II

Hi everyone,
I have been looking everywhere for the top cover for an Eheim 2028 Pro II
filter. This covers the top of the pump head. It is Eheim part # 7444430. I
broke the red plastic stop that prevents you from accidentally loosening the
hoses where they attach to the pump head, and this is integrated into the
plastic cover. I called www.eheimparts.com and they said they had them on
order but have no idea when they will get there from Germany, and all the
major MO houses don't even stock the part, and my LFSs are no help, so I am
at kind of a dead end.

I can use the filter, but I like the safety of having the stop functional.

If anyone can help, please email me off list: grim1214 at bellsouth_net


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