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Re: [APD] RE: Traces, Tropica master grow -- And for slower Aquaria?

I know this has been said before, but while we're fresh on
the subject, may I add 3 more questions?

And for tanks with added CO2 and 2 or less wpg, you would

For those tanks but with Excel added?

Same levels for Flourish as TMG?

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> wrote:
> David, I started dosing higher levels a long time ago
> using TMG.
> Most of the dosing work I have done was with this
> product.
> I typically added about 3-4x the recommended amounts.
> Everyone thought I was insane, not telling the truth and
> other views of non
> belief even though I have driven levels up 1-2ppm of Fe
> with no algae.
> Then one day Claus from Tropica comes to town.
> He says all the tanks he'd seen in folk's homes around
> the Bay had trace
> deficient plants. He said it was certainly not usual to
> add 2-3x the
> recommended amounts since the recommendations are slanted
> to the
> conservative side, low light, non CO2 etc.
> With good light, CO2 K+, NO3 etc, it's normal to add that
> much. 
> I'd been adding a lot of TMG all along. Of course folks
> believed adding too
> much traces/iron cause algae back then also. I guess a
> few still think so
> today even.
> I just kept the other things in good shape, often without
> critical
> knowledge, and kept adding more till things looked better
> and then if I
> added more, I did not get better plant growth, at that
> point I backed off.
> Later I went back and made sure.   
> So 5mls per 20 gal 2-3x a week for most CO2 enriched
> tanks at high
> light(4-6w/gal of PC lighting).
> Adding 10mls per 20 gal did not change anything, so at
> that point, adding
> more is just wasteful.

S. Hieber

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