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Re: [APD] Re: Traces

Hmmmm. 1/4 the Tropica label recs and something like 1/20th
Tom's recs for fast tanks.

Not just Tom but Claus also noticed nutrient deficiencies
in tanks dosing at the label-recommended levels. Your
counterexamples are interesting to say the least.

Might it not depend, at least in part, on the water? The
fishfood? Not that I know of any diffs between your water
and the water Tom was using when he did his trials. . . .

Scott H.
--- Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net> wrote:
> Tom and John and Mark have been discussing trace nutrient
> dosing rates.
> I had a weird revelation today that I'm not sure I've
> really adsorbed yet.  
> I've been dosing with Seachem products for a few years
> now.  I started out at 
> what I thought was the recommended dose, then adjusted
> the dose over time -- 
> mostly to lower values.  This morning I glanced at the
> little dosing pipette 
> that came with my first ever bottle of Flourish and
> realized that the pipette 
> only held one ml.  I thought it held 4.
> No wonder my Seachem products were lasting so much longer
> than they were 
> supposed to!
> My dose of Flourish is about 1 ml/50 gallons/week. 
> That's about 1/5 of 
> Seachem's recommended dose.  It's an even smaller part of
> the dose that Tom 
> is recommending.
> Plants in the 55 gallon tank (which has a 15-year-old
> sand and gravel 
> substrate and 128 watts of t8 lighting) have good color
> and no signs of trace 
> nutrient deficiencies.  Maybe the R. indica could be a
> little greener on it's 
> older leaves, but I'm not sure that is a trace nutrient
> problem.
> Plants in the 150 gallon tank (1-year-old Flourite
> substrate, 330 watts of PC 
> lights plus sunlight) has proportionately an even smaller
> dose of Flourish 
> Trace and Flourish Iron.  Some of the ludwigias could
> have better color on 
> new leaves, and the H. corymbosa has a little chlorosis
> when viewed from the 
> top but not from the side.  Those might be signs of a
> little trace deficiency.
> Plants in my other tanks get similar doses and all but
> some chain swords and 
> C. moehlmanii in one tank are in good health and color. 
> In that tank there 
> are other conditions that might account for the problem.
> I don't know what makes the difference between my
> experience and Tom's.   
> >From my experience it certainly isn't necessary to
> overdose Seachem products 
> to get healthy growth.

S. Hieber

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