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[APD] RE: Traces, Tropica master grow

David, I started dosing higher levels a long time ago using TMG.
Most of the dosing work I have done was with this product.

I typically added about 3-4x the recommended amounts.
Everyone thought I was insane, not telling the truth and other views of non
belief even though I have driven levels up 1-2ppm of Fe with no algae.

Then one day Claus from Tropica comes to town.

He says all the tanks he'd seen in folk's homes around the Bay had trace
deficient plants. He said it was certainly not usual to add 2-3x the
recommended amounts since the recommendations are slanted to the
conservative side, low light, non CO2 etc.
With good light, CO2 K+, NO3 etc, it's normal to add that much. 

I'd been adding a lot of TMG all along. Of course folks believed adding too
much traces/iron cause algae back then also. I guess a few still think so
today even.

I just kept the other things in good shape, often without critical
knowledge, and kept adding more till things looked better and then if I
added more, I did not get better plant growth, at that point I backed off.
Later I went back and made sure.   

So 5mls per 20 gal 2-3x a week for most CO2 enriched tanks at high
light(4-6w/gal of PC lighting).
Adding 10mls per 20 gal did not change anything, so at that point, adding
more is just wasteful.

Tom Barr

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