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[APD] Sagittaria subulata (and platyphylla) -- Amazon biotope


This is a much better list as far as fitting into the
tank goes 8).

The ONLY other thing in this list that I would be
concerned with is the variety of floating plants. 4
varieties will need to be thinned into very small
populations if you want much/any light to get to your
submerse plants. The Eichornia is a pretty big plant,
and the smaller ones are fairly aggressive growers. 

It's already on your list as one that you will plant
in the tank, but the Hydrocotyle leucocephala is a
beautiful floating plant and the flowers are neat too.
It will grow clean out of your tank (if you allow it:)
and drape over the sides to nice effect if there's any
sort of ambient light in the room (or an open top)--
Much along the aesthetic lines of the Philodendron
that you see quite often in framing paludaria. This is
an open top project, right?

Anyway-- I'm not trying to design your tank for you.
Hehe, just some observations. Good luck, and post

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

>>What about this for plants then:
Alternathera Roseafolia        bunch
Hydrocotyle Leucocephala       pot
Cabomba Piauhenyensis          bunch
Echinodorus Quadricostatus     2
Sagittaria Subulata            1
Echinodorus Tenellus           bunch

Eichornia Crassipes            1
Limnobium Laevigatum           1
Ludwigia Helminthorrhiza       1
Phyllanthhus Fluitains         3<<

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