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[APD] Sagittaria subulata (and platyphylla) -- Amazon biotope

Hey gang,

Scott Heiber wrote:
>>What about grabbing the plant at the base and gently
lifting slightly to "cut back" the root system. Won't
that "retard" the growth.<<

Yes, I suppose it would retard growth-- I never
thought of that one. 

There are a few cultivars from the European nursuries
that are reported to stay smaller and fit well inside
smaller tanks. The one I'm thinking of off hand is
Echinodorus sp. "Harbich" which Tropica hasn't gotten
to updating on their new site. I'm pretty sure I
rememeber it topping out around a foot tall according
to them. There are others that stay smaller too, of
course the biotope thing can make things hairy if you
want to avoid cultivars. 

One sword which has disappeared from our pool is E.
parviflorous. Not the Tropica variety (which is *very*
nice, but not same), but the original. That plant fits
nicely in a smaller tank.

Anyone know where to find that one? I'm pretty sure
the common name is "Blackwater Sword" and looks alot
like E. bleheri only substantially smaller.

At any rate-- I've never had any trouble (that I know
about) from leaving roots in the substrate to rot. In
fact, it may ultimately be beneficial if I understand
OM's role in the substrate properly. I'd still avoid
putting, potentially, humongous swords in my small
tank, though...

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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