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[APD] BGA outbreaks

G'day all,

Well, one of those usuall problems for me showed up again this week; BGA outbreaks in all 3 of my tanks. Tests revealed nothing new/unexpected; so as usual (I get these outbreaks every 3-4 months) I called the water treatment plant - nothing has changed except for the water source well - which has resulted in a spike of silicates. This spike in silicate levels almost always accompanies these outbreaks.

My 3 tanks are radically different, so I can pretty much rule out nutrient imbalance as a cause -

55g heavily stocked, 160w NO flourescent lighting; lightly planted.
20g light stocking - 15w flourescent - unplanted other than some java moss that I can't get rid of.
2g High tech Planted nano; back to 26w of PC lighting (2 13w fixtures); DIY CO2, daily ferts, higher flow.

Are there any other known causes for BGA outbreaks - is there some way I can control them other than the standard erythromyacin treatment? Are silicate levels controlable in some way?

Any other tips/tricks to keeping BGA at bay?


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