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Re: [APD] Re: algae/plant competition and uptake rates

I recall Tom mentioning it several times and suggesting it
might be a key diff between natural water bodies and
aquaria. It seems to come up often enough in discussion.
Research in aquariums on this? We're all waiting to find
out the biological/chemical secret to avoiding algae in a
planted tank. Perhaps the right candidate has not been
thought up yet?

In practice, folks have found what works, but as for
empirical evidence of the specific process(es) -- it seems
several things are suggested by experience but none

Scott H.
--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> One factor I never see discussed here is oxygen levels.
> Any time it is
> brought up, someone usually says elevated oxygen has not
> shown to play a
> significant role in reducing alga in the aquarium, and
> yet if you search the
> internet you can find references in many government
> studies, USDA, Wildlife
> management, university studies, for water management of
> lakes and ponds
> where low oxygen levels promote extreme alga
> infestations. Are you looking
> at stagnant swamp water in Florida, or free flowing
> water?
> Would a low oxygen substrate stunt plant growth? Would
> elevating the oxygen
> level in the water column slow algae growth in
> combination with lower temps?

S. Hieber

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