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[APD] Re: algae/plant competition and uptake rates

>>I'm suggesting, as I have for some time, that algae "know" when something
else is growing and if the system is stable.
You see this with green water and a few other species with algae<=> algae
When algae decide to bloom can be subtle as far as the reasons and not well
studied in ecosystems.
There is a large periphyton study that's going to be conducted in the
Everglades coming up.
It is one of the only periphyton dominated ecosystems in the world. Roughly
40-50% of the production is from periphtyon.
Now why don't green water take over also in these systems?<<

One factor I never see discussed here is oxygen levels. Any time it is
brought up, someone usually says elevated oxygen has not shown to play a
significant role in reducing alga in the aquarium, and yet if you search the
internet you can find references in many government studies, USDA, Wildlife
management, university studies, for water management of lakes and ponds
where low oxygen levels promote extreme alga infestations. Are you looking
at stagnant swamp water in Florida, or free flowing water?

Would a low oxygen substrate stunt plant growth? Would elevating the oxygen
level in the water column slow algae growth in combination with lower temps?

Robert Paul Hudson

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