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Re: [APD] Sagittaria subulata (and platyphylla) -- Amazon biotope

What about grabbing the plant at the base and gently
lifting slightly to "cut back" the root system. Won't that
"retard" the growth.

Also some of the giants work well in slow grow tanks --
although they eventually get big, it can take a long time
and for many months you can enjoy the smaller slowly
growing specimen. I only keep Marble Queens in my plodding
15 gallon tank.

Scott H.
--- John Wheeler <jcwheel76 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Andrew, 
> Be aware that Echinodorus uruguayensis is not by any
> definition a medium plant. It will top off at around
> 30-36" tall and need 2 sq feet (or more preferably) to
> develop fully. The roots will fill the bottom of a 4'
> tank in a year or so-- 1.5 years without CO2. Aside
> from the chain swords, the Echinodorus sp.' with
> strap-like leaves are GIANTS. They won't fit in a 30'
> tank...
> You can keep it smaller by trimming off old leaves,
> but usually only works for a while before beggining to
> stunt the plant IME. Amano does this with great
> success, but I don't know how long he maintains them
> like that.
> E. uruguayensis is a *magnificent* plant, but it needs
> some room.... and forget growing anything around it
> that needs any kind of light:)

S. Hieber

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