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[APD] Re: algae/plant competition and uptake rates

Robert Paul Hudson writes:
"Would a low oxygen substrate stunt plant growth? Would elevating the
oxygen level in the water column slow algae growth in combination with
lower temps?"

It's an interesting point. It would be a very interesting experiment to run
two similar tanks, but with one equipped with an O2 tank connected to a
reactor. If the theory is true, then maybe O2 supplementation would be
better than CO2 supplementation in inhibiting algae!

I know, however, that O2 is the only factor. I used to have a UGF setup
with such a high level of water agitation that I can't believe anything the
plants did made any difference. When I started aggressive chelated Fe
fertilization, I grew so much green algae that I've been ultraconservative
on Fe ever since. After a few weeks of not adding any Fe, the algae were
finally all consumed by herbivores.

- Jim

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