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Re: [APD] Comparing lighting

Well, if the LEDs are even halfway decently rated, then
it's jsut a math problem to add up the light emitted from
the LEDs.  Better to know what light actually goes into the
tank and the dispersion. Practicality would probably
didctate what gets meausred and how.

If you measure current at the source, best to check the
voltage too -- could be anywhere from 110 to 120V, plus or
minus a few percent.

Scott H.
--- Andy Lavery <wagoneer78 at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Well - while I'm waiting for my circuit boards (for my
> LED arrays) to etch, 
> I wanted to ask your opinions. I've had discussions with
> gomer about this - 
> but he's a science like guy - and has odd views of the
> world :) Time for 
> some real-world answers!
> When comparing light sources, what would you prefer to
> see as the 
> comparison?
> I'm going to setup a 10g split by a blackout divider to
> compare the light 
> from the LEDs to probably power compacts. Using the same
> water, getting 
> roughly the same flow CO2 other nutrients etc.
> I sit here wondering how to make it a fair comparison...
> Gomer suggested 
> comparing current draw at the wall was the proper way to
> do it (So a 13w pc 
> might draw 25w total, thus I'd use enough LEDs to match
> that - maybe 5 5w). 
> What do you guys think? Should I just compare apples to
> oranges, 25w of LED 
> vs 26w of PC (rated vs rated)? What about spectrum - it
> will be practically 
> impossible to match them exactly. Do I even try? The LEDs
> are heavily blue 
> biased, they make a cool white look warm.
> Plants become an issue too, as its hard to get 2
> identical plants to 
> compare, even cuttings will vary...
> See part of the problem is I can see 100 ways to make the
> comparison biased 
> one way or the other - I'm sure you guys have some
> ideas...
> Ideas/suggestions?
> Andy
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