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[APD] Comparing lighting

Hey folks,

Well - while I'm waiting for my circuit boards (for my LED arrays) to etch, I wanted to ask your opinions. I've had discussions with gomer about this - but he's a science like guy - and has odd views of the world :) Time for some real-world answers!

When comparing light sources, what would you prefer to see as the comparison?

I'm going to setup a 10g split by a blackout divider to compare the light from the LEDs to probably power compacts. Using the same water, getting roughly the same flow CO2 other nutrients etc.

I sit here wondering how to make it a fair comparison... Gomer suggested comparing current draw at the wall was the proper way to do it (So a 13w pc might draw 25w total, thus I'd use enough LEDs to match that - maybe 5 5w). What do you guys think? Should I just compare apples to oranges, 25w of LED vs 26w of PC (rated vs rated)? What about spectrum - it will be practically impossible to match them exactly. Do I even try? The LEDs are heavily blue biased, they make a cool white look warm.

Plants become an issue too, as its hard to get 2 identical plants to compare, even cuttings will vary...

See part of the problem is I can see 100 ways to make the comparison biased one way or the other - I'm sure you guys have some ideas...



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