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[APD] Re: PO4 in Fleet Enema

With regard to the amount of PO4 in Fleet or generic brand enema, Jason
Reck noted: "...well that seems to be up in the air yet as I just asked
very question and got 3 seemingly different answers."

Since I'm the one that first proposed this source of PO4 back in 2001, let
me try to explain what may lead to the confusion.

Each bottle contains 19 g. Sodium Phosphate and 7 g. Dibasic Sodium
Phosphate. The C. B. Fleet Co. web site states that those are the active
ingredients in each "118 ml delivered dose."  That would imply that the
PO4 concentration was 151 mg/ml.  But, according to a person I spoke with
at the Fleet Co. laboratory, the actual concentration of PO4 is 131.36
mg/ml, (which means it is based on the full 133 ml in the bottle, not the
118 ml of the average dose).  For our purposes the difference is

I believe you said your tank was 75 gallons or 284 liters.  So, 1 ml of
enema would provide 131 / 284 = about 0.5 mg/L (or ppm) in your tank.  If
there's no phosphate in your tap water, you might add 2 ml of enema after
a water change and another 1 or 2 ml mid-week.

John T. Fitch
E-mail: JTFitch at FitchFamily_com
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