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[APD] Misc. Questions

Airwreck wrote:

>> when talking about the water column are you meaning the water in the


>> Second one is when you refer to it vegetative reproduction are you
meaning cuttings or divisions or is there something that I know how clue
about?? <<

Both are forms of vegetative reproduction.  Sexual reproduction is via seeds
or spores.

>> another one in my stupid questions is a recently I've been looking at AGA
tank competition and I was wondering how old these tanks are? Or they
created just for the show? <<

There are some of each.  As a judge, all else being equal, (which, in
reality, they rarely are) I will give the nod to the long-term tank.
Sometimes you will find an entry that includes photos over a period of time.
Otherwise, you can tell the long-term tanks that have been entered more than
one year, because it will state that fact in the text of the entry, so you
can go back and see the tank the year before.  Again, I tend to favor tanks
that are recognizable from one year to the next, even though there will alos
obviously have been changes over that length of time.

>> the last comment I would have is related to water changes. The folks who
are proclaiming large water changes using tap water straight from the line
in their house are barking up a very dangerous tree the reason being is that
you have no idea what you're water department has been adding to that water.
Case in point is my situation, during the dry season here and I made a large
water changed just as you are advocating to do using tap water to my chagrin
within 5 minutes of the water change all my fish died from poisoning. this
was caused by water authority adding more chemicals to purify water because
the reservoir was extremely low and water was in short supply it seemed that
water authority had adding extra chemicals to the water to remove biological
pathogens. I do not disagree with making a large water changes it's just
that one needs to be careful.<<

You are absolutely right that you need to pay attention when doing water
changes of any size.  You can kill your fish with smaller water changes too,
under some circumstances.  I would suggest that unless you KNOW FOR SURE
that your water does not contain chlorine or worse, chloramine, (for
instance if your water comes from a private well) you use a
chlorinating/dechloraminating substance prophylactically.  We don't often
have much of any chlorine, and no cloramine in out tap water, but I still
give a squeeze (isn't that scientific ;-) of Novaqua anyway, if I'm doing a
water change of any size.  If you have chloramine in your tap water, I
believe you need to use Amquel.


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